ur mission

 Our mission is simple: to make technology an asset for your business instead of a problem. Improper software is not only hardly a solution, but often the root of further encumbrance. When your business has outgrown spreadsheets, and ready/easy-to-use software is no longer sufficient, we will build you a solution that is not only easy-to-use but also has the ability to grow as your needs grow. We realize that your company's business processes are unique as are your business needs. We want to eliminate the mundane, repetitive and tediousness of certain tasks in order to maximize your time. Our custom solutions are not limited to solving problems for businesses solely, but we aim to provide the same increased efficiency for charities, education and personal applications. Along with building new solutions we also revise existing solutions for efficiency, updating software versions, user friendliness and security.




rray Custom Solutions believes "what works best for you, is best for us!" Your success, is our mission. Communication is the most key aspect in building a solution that is right for your business. In all stages of the development we will communicate with you, in a professional and timely manner, to ensure that we are always on the same page. These are the stages involved when producing a custom solution:

Initial consultation- Together we will identify your purpose, needs, the current status of your business processes and where you would like to see them go. By identifying purpose and needs we can more clearly understand who you are serving so that we may help you, to help your customers.

Assessment- An honest assessment of your business processes will be conducted along with the gathering of user feedback. Based off this we will plan what processes's will be included in your solution. To ensure that your solution is not only maximizing your time but is also user friendly.

Interactive development- As your solution is being developed our periodic deadlines and meetings will allow progress, feedback, and further adjustments to be discussed. Deadlines keep the solution on budget both time and money. Meetings whether they be in person, over email, phone or Web conferencing ensure that you keep an active hand in the development of your solution.

Testing- As a part of the solutions development process, testing on your solution is an ongoing process. This allows user feedback, from the new software, to be gathered and used to make improvements.

Implementation- Implementation has already begun throughout the entire process, through your active part in developing and testing the solution, you will already have an understanding of its functions and capabilities. In addition we can arrange user training conferences in order to teach those using the solution, how to use the solution and also to teach others how to use it.




s your technology partner, we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth and we are confident that as your business grows, ours will grow with you!